Tree Identification Made Easy

     Now you can identify the trees around you easily and quickly with "Tree Identification at a Glance." This simple chart and accompanying information, created by a home educator and 4-H leader, uses a graphic of a tree to identify most common trees of eastern and central United States. Simply follow the branches of the tree until you identify which group the tree belongs to. Drawings and explanations on the back of the sheet help you do this. The accompanying sheet, printed on both sides, gives you specific information that will help you narrow a tree to the exact species. One or two facts will distinguish each species from the others in the group. The sheet even includes a built-in ruler to help you measure leaves.

     How does this chart differ from other tree identification guides? Other guides are difficult to follow. Even those that claim to be easy to use leave you shuffling through the pages in confusion or staring aimlessly pictures of leaves until they all start to look the same. Tree Identification at a Glance arranges the information on one page in an easy-to follow format. The sturdy, laminated sheets fit easily in a notebook, clipboard or backpack.

Great for home schoolers, hikers, 4-H clubs, scouts, hands-on classroom activities, or anyone who loves trees.

Tree identification charts are $5.00 per chart(NE Residents add 7.00% sales tax), plus shipping(Click here for rates).

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"Wow! This Tree ID Chart is really great! We had tried to study booklets before and found them difficult and time consuming to sort through. This Tree Identification Chart and accompanying sheets did all the research and categorizing work for us! Using this chart as a guide, my student's scores in the State Tree ID contest were greatly improved in just a few days!

These sheets are colorful, clear, organized, and easy to use. They will make your tree knowledge suddenly "branch" out and GROW!"

� Deb, a home schooling mother of 8, Panama, Nebraska